Tuesday, February 25, 2014

UConn Practice Facility Site Not Shut Down

Here's UConn's press release regarding the "stop work" order on one specific area of the construction of the new basketball facility:

UConn learned over the weekend from its general contractor, Daniel O’Connell’s Sons, that a representative of the Department of Labor had visited the site and issued stop-work orders relating to two companies that were subcontract to perform specific, limited work there.

The orders to “stop work” pertain specifically to those subcontractors – Intex of Glastonbury and the subcontractor it brought in, J&V Construction – and not to Daniel O’Connell’s Sons or any other subcontractors.

Those entities had been brought in by another subcontractor to help it catch up on work involving taping the edges of sheet rock together.

Neither UConn nor its general contractor were aware of the violations alleged by the Department of Labor, nor would we condone any such work practices.

The two “stop work” orders pertain to those two entities, and all others on site are continuing to work. The job site is not shut down, and the removal of those two entities is not expected to affect the schedule or budget.


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