Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Everybody in on the Fun in UConn's Rout of USF

What do you say about an 83-40 blowout (it was 45-14 at halftime) other than it's growing more and more obvious that the AAC has five very good teams ... and five very bad ones.

All 12 UConn players who dressed scored at least two points, including career-highs from Kentan Facey (12) and Terrence Samuel (eight), as well as walk-ons Pat Lenehan (four) and Nnamdi Amilo (two). It marked the first-ever points for both Lenehan and Amilo, the latter of whom dressed for the first time as Tor Watts continues to suffer from an ankle injury.

“It’s great to see Pat score, finally, and then Nnamdi," said Kevin Ollie. "Especially Pat. He does a great job for us. He’s selfless ... Sometimes, I have him on defense the whole practice, and they don’t ever give me a peep out of them. They just keep playing hard. We’ve got Pat’s name back on his jersey. I like that. My mom got on me, she said you’ve got to get the walk-ons their names on their jerseys. So, we made sure we got that done.”

*** Of course, those 12 players who scored didn't include Omar Calhoun (concussion) or Tyler Olander (flu-like symptoms). Calhoun remained on campus but is getting better every day, according to Ollie, while Olander (who was at the team's shootaround Wednesday afternoon) stayed back at the team's hotel for the game.

*** Ollie also expressed his condolences for the family of Walter "Doc" Hurley, who passed away earlier this week. A moment of silence was held prior to the game for Hurley, who did so much for local youth basketball players.

"He's a great man," said Ollie. "My wife was taking care of him at St. Francis. He was supposed to come to the Memphis game. One of his requests was to get a new Husky sweatshirt. I didn't get a chance to give him that, but I'm going to miss him a lot, just seeing him coming out of that tunnel, seeing him always here at the games. He's just a great man, and he'll be missed."

After Wednesday night's blowout, we'll just stop right there.

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