Sunday, February 9, 2014

"Coach, the Dude Can Shoot!"

There are a lot of great Stanley Robinson stories, almost all of them funny. Walking into CFE Arena at Central Florida this afternoon reminded me of one of my favorites.

The last time UConn played here, on Dec. 27, 2007, UCF's Jermaine Taylor was hitting shot after shot while being guarded by Sticks. During a timeout, Jim Calhoun screamed at Robinson, wondering why he Taylor was going off on him.

"Coach," Robinson replied, "the dude can shoot!"

That was all Calhoun had to hear. The rest of his game, each time Taylor hit a shot, he'd turn to his bench and say, "The dude can shoot! The dude can shoot!", clearly mocking Robinson's ill-timed -- if accurate -- reply.

Meanwhile, DeAndre Daniels apparently can shoot, and he's set to give it another go as of now:

And do check out our live blog of tonight's game, as well:

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