Saturday, September 7, 2013

Abdul Malik-Abu: 'UConn Was Definitely a Place I Saw Myself Going to"

Abdul Malik Abu held a joint press conference with fellow AAU teammate Jared Terrell to announce their college decisions. As you likely know by now, Abu didn't choose UConn.

With the caps of UConn, Providence, Florida and NC State sitting before him at the table, Abu jokingly swiped the Oklahoma State cap in front of Terrell, while Terrell swiped the NC State hat and put it on their respective heads. Laughter erupted and the two quickly switched caps. Abu had selected NC State, while Terrell (who didn't have UConn in his final four) chose Oklahoma State.

Asked about how he felt about UConn, Abu said: "They were real close. Kevin Ollie's a great man. He might have been one of my favorite head coaches in this whole thing, if not the favorite. He's a real guy, a friendly guy, real personable. UConn was definitely a place I saw myself going to, but I was more comfortable with the decision I made. I'm grateful they were recruiting me in the first place."

As Jim Calhoun liked to say ... "Next guy ..."

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