Friday, February 15, 2013

It's a Mutual Admiration Society Between Kevin Ollie and Jay Wright

Jay Wright isn't exactly sure when he first met Kevin Ollie, but figures it was during one of Ollie's three different stints with the Philadelphia 76ers.

His respect for Ollie was immediate, and it grew greater when the two would cross paths on the recruiting trail after Ollie had become one of Jim Calhoun's assistants three years ago.

"I just really like him, he's just a really good guy," Wright said. "My respect for him as a player, and seeing his work ethic as an assistant coach, I've got great respect for him. I'm very impressed with what he's doing."

And that respect is mutual.

"He's always a personable guy, somebody you can go up to and talk to, easy-going, always encouraging," Ollie said of Wright. "He'd tell me if Coach Calhoun decided to retire, if I get the job, then I'll have your back."

At Big East Media Day back in October, Ollie and Wright shared a nice conversation.

"I really respect him as a coach, and as a man and a person," Ollie said. "He's really one fo the coaches I look up to and admire."

Wright has seen other coaches have to replace legends (Rollie Massimimo, for instance) and knows what a difficult task it's been for Ollie to step in and replace Calhoun.

"I don't think anybody can understand what comes with replacing a legend," he said, "even if you played for him. "The stuff behind the scenes ... it's very difficult. Kevin's doing a very good job."

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