Sunday, December 2, 2012

My AP Top 25 Poll This Week

Here's the Top 25 ballot I submitted to the AP tonight. Same 25 teams, just some shuffling of some spots.

I strongly considered dropping Kentucky off the ballot completely after it lost to both Notre Dame and Baylor (at home) this past week. But dropping a team from No. 8 to completely off the list is pretty harsh. Plus, with whom do I replace them? Georgetown, after its beyond ugly, 37-36 win over Tennessee? Minnesota? Illinois? Wichita State? Meh, could've done any of those three, but not this week. Not yet.

As for UConn, it stays at No. 25. Can't penalize a team for winning its lone game of the week -- even if it wasn't a very attractive one over New Hampshire on Thursday.

1.       Indiana
2.       Duke
3.       Michigan
4.       Louisville
5.       Ohio State
6.       Florida
7.       Syracuse
8.       Arizona
9.       Kansas
10.   Gonzaga
11.   Missouri
12.   San Diego State
13.   North Carolina
14.   Creighton
15.   Oklahoma State
16.   Cincinnati
17.   Pittsburgh
18.   UNLV
19.   Notre Dame
20.   North Carolina State
21.   New Mexico
22.   Kentucky
23.   Colorado
24.   Michigan State
25.   Connecticut


Anonymous Anonymous said...


December 2, 2012 at 9:27 PM 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come you don't have Duke at #1? I'm not a Duke fan but three wins over top five teams makes them #1 in my book even if Indiana hasn't lost yet. I know it doesn't really matter at this point but give Duke their due...

December 2, 2012 at 10:35 PM 

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