Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kevin Ollie: 'Susan, Warde Will Make Best Decision for University. Because I Love This University."

Few people in sports are more focused on the task at hand than Kevin Ollie. Banned from the postseason? Left out in the lurch by the ACC? No biggie. UConn's got a game tomorrow night (vs. New Hampshire), and that's all he and the team can control right now.

Here's what Ollie had to say today about Louisville/ACC/conference expansion, etc. (along with some video of Ollie leading Omar Calhoun through a drill, then talking about today's events):

“I don’t pay attention to it too much. You definitely care, but I’m not worried about it. I’m going to coach my team. We’re in a great conference now and we’re going to try to win conference titles. I just really believe in Susan and Warde, that they’ll make the best decision for this university. Because I love this university.”

“Wherever we go, we’re going to compete for conference titles and conference championships.”

“I’m going to leave it up to our great president and great AD to get it done for us and put us in the best situation possible, and I know they’re doing that each and every day.”

“We’re happy to be breathing, happy to have a conference, happy to play these games. I know she’s doing her due diligence with her staff, with the AD and his staff, to come up with the best solution possible for this university.”

The players seem rather unfazed and unconcerned by it all.

“These guys have enough going on – banned from the postseason, all that stuff – and they’ve got to worry about their schoolwork," Ollie noted. "We’ve got so many things we’re looking positively at. Hopefully we hone in on these next two weeks and get these academics done, because we’re in good shape now. I think their minds are on their final exams, not on the ACC.”

Ryan Boatright was asked if playing in the Big East was one of the reasons he came to UConn:

"A little bit, not a huge part. Of course, you're going to a good league, you're going to play good teams day in/day out. My main concern was if we were going to play the style of basketball I like to play."
Oh yes, that pesky game vs. UNH Thursday night. It appears Leon Tolksdorf, who practiced today, will be available. R.J. Evans won't be, but he's making "great progress," according to Ollie.

Evans shot around on the sidelines during practice and looks good.

"His reange of motion is coming back," Ollie said. "He's coming back very quickly, and I just love the way he's doing his due diligence in the training room with James Doran."

A UConn spokesman said it's possible -- though not very likely -- that Evans could be back for next Tuesday's bout at MSG with NC State. Harvard on Dec. 7 is more likely, though there is no timetable for his return.

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