Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Greater Hartford Pro-Am Still in Limbo

To those wondering about when one of Connecticut's best sporting events of the summer -- the Greater Hartford Pro-Am -- will be kicking off ... well, be patient.

The league is slated to start on Saturday, but as of this morning, it's still without a home. The Sports and Sciences Academy, which has hosted the league the past three years, will no longer be available. League organizers are hoping to run the league at Classical Magnet School in Hartford, but issues (including, apparently, security questions) are holding things up. The league doesn't want to run at Bulkeley High or Hartford High, since their gyms have rubber floors.

It's a big mess right now, but hopefully it will be resolved by Saturday. The league annually has the top past, present and future Connecticut basketball players in it, including several UConn players as well as Ryan Gomes, Vin Baker and others.

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