Saturday, May 26, 2012

DeAndre Daniels Gets Back to Work

There's always a lot of positive spin coming out of Storrs during the off-season, often to be taken with a grain of salt. This guy looks better than ever, that guy is out to prove everybody wrong, this guy is the best recruit the program has had in years.

One thing I'm buying right now, however, is the unanimous belief that DeAndre Daniels is currently out-working everyone on the team -- by a lot. Talk to anyone around the program and one of the first things they mention is the time and work Daniels is putting in right now.

I witnessed some of it first-hand earlier this week as Daniels and Ryan Boatright went through a grueling shooting drill at Gampel, and wrote this story for the Register. Daniels talks about how he's ready to put last year's disappointing freshman season behind him (OK, a common cliche), how his sister's major health scare in February weighed on him at times during the season, and how he (briefly) considered transferring from the program.

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