Thursday, October 27, 2011

Statement from Susan Herbst

A statement from UConn's president on today's news:

"As I have said many times previously, the University of Connecticut is committed to academic excellence for all student-athletes and fully supports the NCAA’s academic reform initiatives.

"UConn endorses all of the measures that were passed today by the NCAA Division I Board of Directors. However, we believe that punishments should be applied as soon as possible after violations are found and not two years later. Students who have enjoyed academic success should not suffer because of the shortcomings of individuals who played in prior seasons.

"It is my understanding that the NCAA has already begun examining the fairest method for implementing the new rules and I encourage them to make the time frame between a violation and a punishment as short as possible. Again, we are pleased with the outcome of today's NCAA decisions and they certainly fit where I want to take this university. Our newly implemented academic plan has already produced an extraordinarily high APR score for our men's basketball team in 2010-11."



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