Tuesday, October 25, 2011

UConn's GSR Isn't Pretty

The NCAA announced on Tuesday that more Division 1 student-athletes are earning their college degrees within six years -- the highest marks ever for graduation.

The single year Graduation Success Rate (GSR) for student-athletes who began college in 2004 is 82 percent, a new high for the NCAA, three points higher than last year and eight points higher than when GSR collection began a decade ago.

UConn's men's basketball GSR hasn't been so impressive, however. In fact, it's been the worst of all Big East teams. By far.

UConn's GSR for athletes entering the school for the 2004-05 school year is 25. That's the second-worst of any Big East school over the seven years (1998-2004) during which GSR has been tracked. The worst? UConn's 2000-01 beginning class, which notched a 22.

Here are the ugly numbers, if you're a UConn fan. (Just enter University of Connecticut in the "School" box).

Yes, this is essentially old news. Not a single player who entered UConn in 2004 is still with the program. Still, with so much attention on UConn's APR woes lately, and with president Mark Emmert touting the NCAA's improvements in GSR today, it's more than a little embarassing for the program.



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