Monday, October 10, 2011

Omar Calhoun Update

Omar Calhoun isn’t sure whether or not he’ll be at UConn’s First Night festivities on Friday.

“We have to work that out with Coach (Kevin) Ollie,” said Calhoun’s father, Omar, Sr.

But don’t worry, Calhoun’s not having second thoughts about committing to UConn back in June. In fact, he was on campus this past weekend, spending some time with Jeremy Lamb, Shabazz Napier and the rest of the team, as well as Jim Calhoun.

“He had a good time up there this weekend,” Omar, Sr. said.

When Calhoun does officially arrive in Storrs next fall, he could be somewhat of a package deal. Calhoun’s sister, Sierra, is a sophomore at Christ the King High School (where Omar is a senior this year). A 6-foot guard, she’s one of the top female players in the country and is being recruited heavily by all the major powers: UConn, Tennessee, Maryland, etc.

Obviously, she wouldn’t be a freshman at UConn until Omar’s junior year. But there’s certainly a strong possibility that the two will be in Storrs together someday.

“Absolutely. That’s the goal,” said Omar, Sr.

In fact, she was up in Storrs with her brother this past weekend, as well, though she didn’t get a chance to see Geno Auriemma, who was off in Europe with Team USA. But both Auriemma and assistant coach Chris Dailey have seen plenty of Sierra, ever since she was in eighth grade.

Omar, Sr. said his son isn’t worried about all the recent conference realignment talk and the chance that UConn could be left out on the lurch.

“We wish Syracuse and Pitt were still around, but if UConn is going to go, I think this would be a great opportunity to follow suit,” he said. “Hopefully, for one year they’re still there, and hopefully UConn follows suit. Then we’ll have played in the Big East and ACC and have had the best of both worlds.”

Omar, Sr. believes his son, a 6-5 combo guard, could be an instant contributor next season.

“Hopefully, Jeremy Lamb does what he has to do and get out of the way by the time we get up there,” dad said, jokingly.

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