Wednesday, September 28, 2011

UConn: Drummond Situation Not Major

UConn isn't worried about a report today by the Norwich Bulletin that Andre Drummond's eligibility might be at issue.

The Bulletin reported that Drummond could face NCAA sanctions after appearing in a video at in which he appears to be promoting the adiCrazy Light Shoe.

But UConn officials are confident that by simply asking the site to take the video down, Drummond won't face any NCAA discipline. He certainly won't be missing any games over the matter, a source said.

A statement from the school:

UConn was made aware of the video in question late this afternoon and has reviewed it. Our compliance staff is comfortable that the video was made in advance of Andre’s enrollment at UConn. Our next step is to simply follow up with the website on which it is posted and ask that it be removed, which we have already done.



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