Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Song Remains the Same

In what may be one of the more pointless posts you'll see, my AP top 25 ballot for the first week of the season remains the same as my preseason ballot. No upsets, no losses, period, among my top 25. Briefly considered moving Georgetown down a notch for struggling to beat ODU, but quickly realized I would just be dropping them for the sake of making a change. Tough to punish a team for winning, especially on the road.

UConn? Not entering my thought process just yet, but it's not out of the realm that they'll be in consideration before this season is over.

"I had a dream/Crazy dream ..."

1. Duke
2. Michigan State
3. Ohio State
4. Kansas State
5. Pittsburgh
6. Villanova
7. Kansas
8. North Carolina
9. Illinois
10. Kentucky
11. BYU
12. Florida
13. Syracuse
14. Missouri
15. Washington
16. Purdue
17. Virginia Tech
18. Gonzaga
19. Memphis
20. Butler
21. Baylor
22. Tennessee
23. Georgetown
24. Temple
25. San Diego State

(Anyone know where that song quote came from?)


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