Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Say it Loud: Who's Big East's Best Coach?

Never been a big fan of ESPN: The Magazine. This week's issue, for example, is called "The Loud Issue." Great, an issue devoted to loud (read: obnoxious) people. Just what I want to read about.

Inside the issue is a college basketball preview, with each of the major conferences being subject to player surveys. Not surprisingly, in the Big East, Pittsburgh got 66.7 percent of the first-place votes, Villanova got 33.3 percent and not a single other team garnered a vote. Corey Fisher and Ashton Gibbs split as best player and St. John's Justin Burrell got 27.8 percent of the vote for biggest trash-talker (guess that makes him feel right at home in the "Loud Issue").

But here's the one that raised my eyebrows: in the Best Coach category, Jim Boeheim was first (44.4 percent) and Bob Huggins and Jay Wright tied for second (22.2 apiece). Interesting that Jim Calhoun and his two national titles got beaten out by three coaches who have a combined one (Boeheim). I guess the perception out there right now is that Calhoun has lost a little off his fastball. We'll see.



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