Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Catamounts Pounce Early

Jim Calhoun warned that if UConn lost tonight's game to Vermont, the team's flight to Hawaii on Friday wouldn't be too pleasant.

Probably about as pleasant as the Huskies' locker room right now.

UConn trails the Catamounts, 36-33. The Huskies aren't playing terribly -- though their defense leaves much to be desired. Vermont -- which looks pretty darn good -- is shooting 50-percent from the floor. The Huskies are making Evan Fjeld (12 points) look like Adam Morrison -- and not just because Fjeld sports a Morrison-ian bushy mustache. Matt Glass has 15 for the Cats.

For UConn, it's all Kemba Walker -- 21 points, team-high (!) five rebounds. No one else has more than four points. A couple of UConn players need to start distinguishing themselves pretty quickly before they start losing more and more minutes.

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