Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sailin' Away to Key Largo ...

... Well, not actually sailing, but that's where we're heading to for the week. With this week being the start of national signing period, and with UConn hopeful (but doubtful) Brandon Knight announcing his collegiate choice on Wednesday on ESPNU, it would seem to be a bad time for me to take a vacation. But, we like to escape the (sorta) cold weather at least once each year, and I can't exactly do that from November to March (although this year ... never mind). Plus, it's the wife and my last chance to get away before we welcome our newest addition, a boy, some time in early July.

But enough about me. Here's some links on another pair of UConn recruits, recent commit Shabazz Napier, who had himself a night the other night, and undecided Corey Joseph, courtesy of FOB (Friend of Blog) Chris O.

Make sure to check in on the Register website next week, as Dave Solomon and other writers will keep tabs on who commits to UConn, etc. I'll be back next Saturday.

We had it all/Just like Bogey and Bacall ...

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