Tuesday, March 9, 2010

UCann't Be Serious

Can't shoot (31 percent, 1-for-6 from 3), can't rebound (21-20 St. John's, 11 offensive), can't guard (Red Storm is 4-for-8 on 3's), can't even get off good shots. When UConn hasn't turned the ball over (8) and has been able to get off a shot, it's almost always one-and-done. Or it seems that way: somehow, the box score says that UConn has 12 offensive boards. OK.

Conversely, St. John's consistently has been getting two, three chances each time down the floor.

Not pretty. We'll see if there are halftime adjustments, but short of boxing out and making shots, not sure how things change much. One hope for the Huskies might be the Johnnies' foul trouble: four St. John's players have two fouls, and Justin Burrell has three. Otherwise ...