Saturday, February 13, 2010

WLW in Cincinnati

I'm always a bit fascinated by the forays of Dan Hoard, Cincinnati's radio play-by-play man. Hoard is also does play-by-play for the Pawtucket Red Sox and lives in Charlestown, Mass. That means he flies back and forth to Cincy or whatever city the Bearcats are playing in throughout the winter. That's a lot of frequent flyer miles.

We're told this story of Cincy's other radio man, Chuck Machock. In the 2004 NCAA tournament, Machock became the only radio analyst I've ever heard of to be thrown out of a game. Apparently, Machock was riding referee Mike Kitts pretty hard throughout the first half of Cincy's bout with Gonzaga. After halftime, when Machock and Hoard came back out to their seats at the press table, Hoard noticed a group of security guards pointing towards Machock, making sure he was the guy they wanted.

"You know they're about to kick you out of here, right?" Hoard said to his colleague.

Sure enough, while on the air, security asked Machock to leave. Apparently, radio listeners could hear in the background, "Come with me, sir."

Machock's last words: "For what?"

Good stuff.

Anyway, no big recruits at the game today. The UConn coaching staff was up at the Prime Time Shootout in New Jersey yesterday, where Roscoe Smith had a big game. They'll be driving back there today after the game.

Oh, today's officiating crew: Kitts, Earl Walton and Bob Donato.

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