Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Long, Long Time"

While the official word out of Storrs is that Jim Calhoun's contract extension is still not a done deal, a source close to the situation says that, in fact, it is.

An report on Saturday stated that Calhoun has agreed to a new five-year deal. However, a UConn spokesman noted that, in fact, the process of putting things on paper, in contract form, just began on Friday and it still has to be reviewed by both sides.

"There is no signed contract," said UConn men's basketball spokesman Kyle Muncy. "Coach Calhoun's representatives, as well as (athletic director) Jeff Hathaway, have been working on this for several months and continue to."

Muncy added, however: "Jim Calhoun is going to be the basketball coach at UConn for a long, long time to come."

The five-year deal will give Calhoun a raise from his current $1.6 million salary, according to a source. Official word could come any time over the next few days to few weeks.

(Music quiz: Who sang "Long, Long Time"? And no, it's not Bosotn. In fact, it's someone who you probably wouldn't guess I'm a fan of.



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