Friday, August 7, 2009

The Hook Brings You Back

Here's a story from today's Register about Charles Okwandu, who is set to put behind last year's bad memories (he was ruled academically ineligible on Jan. 31) and become an integral member of the UConn team this season.

Okwandu, who will be a junior this season, has the inside track on the Huskies' starting center position. AT 7-1, he fits the bill, and by all accounts has improved a lot just over the past six months. But then, we've heard that before about UConn players over the summer (from Ajou Deng to Curtis Kelly and all points in between).

With Jerome Dyson, Stanley Robinson and Kemba Walker in tow, UConn may not need a lot of offense from Okwandu. But he'll have to contribute some, and with that in mind, Big Chuck has added a hook shot to his repetoire. He watched Hasheem Thabeet develop a fairly effective hook last season and figures it could be a good weapon for him.

(Quiz question: Who sang the song "Hook", which gives us the title of this post).

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