Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sid Wilson leaves St. John's; UConn should be back in picture

Sid Wilson has decided to transfer from St. John’s after taking summer courses at the school, and UConn would be one of his logical next destinations.

Wilson, a 6-foot-7 forward from the Bronx, was down to St. John’s, UConn and Texas when he made his decision to join the Red Storm in May. But, according to a source, Wilson was never truly happy at St. John’s from the start of summer classes.

Wilson lost his mother, Pauline, in March, 2015, and that seems to be one of the main reasons he decided to stay close to home.

“But, unfortunately, I recently realized it was not what is best for me at this time to manage adversity in my life,” he said in a statement.

Wilson played three years at St. Raymond’s High in the Bronx before transferring to Brewster Academy, where he planned on spending two years. However, this past spring he elected to re-classify and, ultimately, sign with St. John’s.

Wilson’s primary option at this point would seem to be to sign with another school and sit out a year as a transfer, since he already took summer courses at St. John’s. It’s not unprecedented for players to take summer classes at a college and then return to prep school. In fact, Jakarr Sampson and Ron Patterson did so at Brewster, though there were extenuating circumstances – Sampson didn’t get through the NCAA Eligibility Center, and Indiana had oversigned for Patterson’s recruiting class.

As a full-qualifier who has already taken college courses, it seems unlikely Wilson would be able to return to Brewster or any other prep school.

Stay tuned …

Meanwhile, Jalen Carey has arrived on campus for his official visit to UConn. The Class of 2018 point guard is a highly-coveted recruit for the Huskies.

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