Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Amida Brimah wins Husky Run; Kevin Ollie finishes third

Ladies and gentlemen, your much-anticipated official Husky Run results:

Amida Brimah 21:59
Vance Jackson 22:07
Kentan Facey 22:48
Steve Enoch 22:51
Mike Noyes 23:18
Alterique Gilbert 24:19
Terry Larrier 25:05
Russ Lomotey 25:07
Rodney Purvis 25:12
Christian Foxen 25:41
Juwan Durham 28:55
Mamadou Diarra 28:56
Christian Vital 31:17 *
Jalen Adams (did not run- soreness)
Strength & Conditioning Coach Travis Illian 21:53
Head Coach Kevin Ollie 22:38

* Extra mileage due to misdirection

  • Brimah also won as a sophomore, didn't run last year. Daniel Hamilton won last year.
  • Strength coach Travis Illian actually was the first to cross the finish line; Kevin Ollie was third, meaning he beat out all but two of his players at age 43. “That’s disappointing," he said. "But, I think I know the race a little bit. I’ve been practicing a little bit, too, during the summer months." Those players will pay for losing to their coach, however. "They'll do some extra stuff," Ollie said. "They'll feel my wrath."
  • Jalen Adams didn't run due to hip soreness. Nothing serious.
  • Christian Vital took a wrong turn and ran the race over, probably running about five miles overall. Freshman mistake.


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