Sunday, December 7, 2014

My AP Top 25 this week (aka, "Get off my back, Kentucky fans")

I was one of the final three voters not to vote Kentucky No. 1 the past two weeks (I had my reasons), but obviously, the Wildcats top the ballot this week. Hard to imagine that they won't be unanimous.

Elsewhere: I say goodbye to Oklahoma State, Michigan State, Arkansas and Creighton and welcome Utah, Notre Dame, TCU and St. John's.

There were obviously some awful losses this week, led by Michigan's home loss to NJIT and Miami falling at home to Green Bay (which would make sense ... in the NFL). So why, you ask, do I still have Miami and Michigan ranked? Because they both had pretty good wins this week, as well: Miami beat No. 24 Illinois and Michigan beat Syracuse.

1.       Kentucky
2.       Duke
3.       Arizona
4.       Louisville
5.       Wisconsin
6.       Wichita State
7.       Villanova
8.       Texas
9.       Gonzaga
10.   Virginia
11.   Kansas
12.   Iowa State
13.  Oklahoma
14. San Diego State
15.   Butler
16.   North Carolina
17.   Ohio State
18.   Miami
19.   Utah
20.   West Virginia
21.   Maryland
22.   Michigan
23.   Notre Dame
24.   Texas Christian
25.   St. John’s


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