Saturday, November 1, 2014

Ryan Boatright's had a compelling career at UConn. And it's not over yet.

I ask this not knowing the true answer: Who's had a more compelling, four-year career at UConn than Ryan Boatright?

It started with an NCAA investigation and was highlighted by an NCAA championship. In between, there's been strife with his star backcourt mate, Shabazz Napier; the death of a beloved relative; sometimes spectacular athleticism; occasionally explosive (sometimes erratic) offensive play; the stingiest defense you'll ever see in last year's NCAA tournament run.

Heck, Boatright was a major story before he ever even stepped foot in Storrs, committing to Tim Floyd at USC at age 13; de-committing a few years later after Floyd resigned; committing to Bob Huggins at West Virginia early in his senior year of high school; de-committing a few days later when he learned another speedy guard (Jabarie Hinds) had committed the same day Boatright had.

I'm sure there have been wilder rides, and I'm all ears to hear from fans who've followed the Huskies far longer than I've covered them. A.J. Price comes to mind -- nearly died of a brain hemorrhage; suspended for a season for stealing laptops; tearing his ACL his final game as a junior; rebounding as a senior to lead UConn to the Final Four. (And yes, I know it was a five-year career for Price, not four).

But Boatright's story has got to be up there. And, of course, it's not over yet, as he's returned for his senior season poised to add one final chapter.

Here's his story thus far.


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