Wednesday, October 30, 2013

UConn's Exhibition Opener: There's A Lot to Like Here

Some notes, quotes and video off UConn's 93-65 win over Southern Connecticut in Wednesday's exhibition opener. As I write in tonight's column, I like this team. Yes, it was a D2 opponent. Yes, the Huskies got outrebounded again (no excuse for that). But there's depth on this team, talent, veteran presences and a real sense of selflessness. Too much to glean from an exhibition game? Maybe. But I see real good things from this team this season.

Things like this:


"All in all I was pleased. I just wasn't pleased with the rebounding effort. Those guys are going to understand that on Friday when we come to practice."

(on Amida Brimah)

“When we first saw him in the gym, he was the best player, but not only that, he had the best passion out of everybody ... He plays with passion, energy and effort, and he is very, very long. He’s hard to shoot over, and he’s got a pretty nice jump-hook down there, too. He’s not as raw as a lot of people say.”

(on Lasan Kromah)

“He’s gonna give us some versatility, I can play him at the two, or the three. He’s a seasoned veteran, so it’s not like he’s worrying about starting. He’s just gonna come in and take care of his minutes.”

(on DeAndre Daniels becoming more vocal)

“He’s coming in the office, talking to his coaches. That’s just a beautiful thing that came in and hardly said a sentence, now you can’t shut him up. That’s maturity. I think he’s going to have an incredible year.”

(UConn gave up 27 points in transition)

“We still need to get back on transition to set up our defense, especially now that we’ve got the big guy back there now. He’s gonna alter a lot of shots and cover up a lot of mistakes on the perimeter that’s going to give us a lot of opportunity to be more aggressive.”

(Ollie was asked if the new hand-checking roles had an effect Wednesday night)

“No, not gonna use that as an excuse. That was just laziness on our part.”


(on Brimah)

“That guy’s amazing. He doesn’t allow anybody to lay the ball up easy in the paint. He blocks everything, he runs hard. He’s gonna be a great player here at UConn.”


“I was always the most energetic player on the team (in high school), cheering my team on all the time.”

“I was nervous a little bit ... After I scored, I felt more comfortable.”

“I run hard all the time. That’s what I do best, shot-blocking.”


“Everybody’s got some improving to do. Playing a D2 team, we didn’t play as well as we should have. If that was Maryland, it would have been a tough game for us, so we’ve got to get back to the drawing board.”

“Any time you can have bench players come in and produce while your starters are on the bench getting some rest is always good. Anybody that has a good bench is a championship team.”

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