Friday, August 2, 2013

UConn Looking into Possible Eligibility Issues with Kentan Facey

When Terrence Samuel had to stay back in Brooklyn rather than attend summer classes at UConn due to some apparent questions about a high school class or two, it raised some eyebrows.

Now, UConn is working on an eligibility situation with another one of its incoming freshmen from New York.

Apparently, Kentan Facey's eligibility has come into question due to an issue that's been labeled by multiple sources as "international." The problem doesn't appear to have anything to do with Facey's academics or the like, but rather is a "bureaucratic" snafu of some sort. 

Facey was born in Jamaica and came to America about three years ago.

Impossible to tell how much (if at all) this threatens Facey's availability to play this season, but obviously it's a situation to monitor. 

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