Sunday, July 29, 2012

Phil Nolan Looking Good at GHPA

Haven't made it up to the Greater Hartford Pro-Am in a couple of weeks, but word is that Phil Nolan looked pretty good Sunday night in Hot 93.7's 104-94 win over PPF Graphics.

Nolan, despite showing up late, finished with 16 points, eight rebounds and three blocks. Here's some recent footage of Nolan in action at the GHPA:

No one was better on Sunday than Simoniz All-Stars' Stephen Glowiak, who poured in 53 points. Unfortunately for the Sacred Heart standout, it came in a loss to Harte Nissan.

If you want to check in to see how Niels Giffey and Enosch Wolf are playing this summer, swing by Classical Magnet School on Monday at 6:30 p.m. when their team (Attorney Deron Freeman) takes on Simoniz. PPF Graphics faces Cambyland in the nightcap.

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Rudy Gay to be Feted as Role Model of the Year

Rudy Gay will be the guest speaker at the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce's member breakfast meeting on Friday, Aug. 3. Gay will officially be presented with the chamber's 2012 Role Model of the Year Award.

The breakfast will be held at the Crowne Plaza Cromwell, 100 Berlin Road, Cromwell. Networking begins at 7 a.m., the breakfast buffet begins at 7:45 a.m. and the breakfast meeting program runs from 8-9 a.m. Cost is $20 for chamber members and S$30 for non-members.

Gay is extremely active in his community and won the NBA Cares Community Assist Award in March, 2010, after helping to raise funds for St. Jude's Children's Hospital. He has co-hosted the Staxacular, a fundraiser that benefits the Stax Music Academy, for five consecutive years. For the past three years, he has also hosted a holiday shopping spree at Target that provides children from single-parent homes in the Memphis area the opportunity to purchase toys and other gifts for Christmas.

Gay has also hosted the 12th annual SportsBall in Memphis, a black-tie affair which benefits the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Memphis.


Alex Oriakhi, P.J. Cochrane, Ben Stewart named All-Academic

Alex Oriakhi (who has since transferred to Missouri) and walk-ons P.J. Cochrane and Ben Stewart were among 3,300 student-athletes named to the 2011-12 Big East All-Academic team.

Here is UConn's complete list. It's long:

Stephen              Catalina                              Baseball                                                                             Management Information Systems                 Senior
Jared                     Dettmann                         Baseball                                                                             Undecided                                                                       Sophomore
Ryan                      Fuller                                   Baseball                                                                             English                                                                                Senior
Michael               Healey                                Baseball                                                                             Undecided                                                                       Sophomore
Theodore           Hurvul                                 Baseball                                                                             Social Science of Sport                                           Senior
William               Jolin                                     Baseball                                                                             Environmental Engineering                                 Senior
David                    Mahoney                           Baseball                                                                             Undecided                                                                       Junior
Anthony              Marzi                                    Baseball                                                                             Pre-Kinesiology                                                            Junior
Stanley                Paul                                      Baseball                                                                             Psychology                                                                       Senior
Joseph                 Pavone                               Baseball                                                                             Accounting                                                                      Senior
John                      Sulzicki                               Baseball                                                                             Economics                                                                        Senior
Jonathan            Testani                                Baseball                                                                             Finance                                                                              Sophomore
Thomas                Verdi                                    Baseball                                                                             Communication Sciences                                      Junior
P.J.                         Cochrane                          Men's Basketball                                                          Individualized Major                                                 Senior
Alex                       Oriakhi                                Men's Basketball                                                          Sociology                                                                          Junior
Benjamin           Stewart                              Men's Basketball                                                          Management                                                                  Senior
Michael               Duprey                               Men's Cross Country                                                 Pharmacy                                                                          Freshmen
Bryan                    Fowler                                Men's Cross Country                                                 Political Science                                                          Freshmen
Jordan                  Magath                               Men's Cross Country                                                 Education                                                                         Junior
Nicholas              O'Leary                               Men's Cross Country                                                 Biomedical Engineering                                         Freshmen
Stephen              Vento                                  Men's Cross Country                                                 Finance                                                                              Freshmen
Nicolas                 Aguila                                  Men's Cross Country/Track & Field                 Exercise Science                                                          Senior
Tim                         Bennatan                          Men's Cross Country/Track & Field                 Economics                                                                        Junior
Ryan                      McGuire                            Men's Cross Country/Track & Field                 Mechanical Engineering                                         Junior
Jeb                         Buchanan                          Men's Golf                                                                        Finance                                                                              Senior
Michael               Masso                                  Men's Golf                                                                        Finance                                                                              Junior
Daniel                  Myers                                  Men's Golf                                                                        Management & Engineering for Manufacturing                        Sophomore
Adam                    Vaccari                                Men's Golf                                                                        Mathematics                                                                  Senior
Jake                       Bourgault                          Men's Soccer                                                                  Management                                                                  Senior
Colin                     Bradley                               Men's Soccer                                                                  Sociology                                                                          Junior
Shane                   Hudson                               Men's Soccer                                                                  Undecided                                                                       Sophomore
Istvan                    Kanyo                                  Men's Soccer                                                                  Chemistry                                                                         Sophomore
Juho                      Karppinen                        Men's Soccer                                                                  Economics                                                                        Junior
William               Noiset                                 Men's Soccer                                                                  Undecided                                                                       Sophomore
Gregory               O'Brien                               Men's Soccer                                                                  Environmental Engineering                                 Senior
Justyn                   Alexandre                         Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Allied Health Sciences                                            Junior
Charles                Boliek                                  Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Allied Health Sciences                                            Sophomore
Nicholas              Cerra                                    Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Allied Health Sciences                                            Senior
Zachary                Coleman                            Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Allied Health Sciences                                            Junior
Sean                      Cook                                     Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Marketing                                                                         Senior
Mitchell              Dansky                                Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Psychology                                                                       Senior
Grant                    Fecteau                              Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Urban & Community Studies                              Senior
William               Franz                                    Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Environmental Science                                           Sophomore
Joseph                 Glowacki                           Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Biological Sciences                                                    Senior
Nicholas              Majtenyi                            Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Physics                                                                                Senior
Keith                    Piper                                    Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Finance                                                                              Junior
Kyungsoo           Yoon                                     Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Accounting                                                                      Senior
Luke                      Zalewski                             Men's Swimming & Diving                                    Allied Health Sciences                                            Sophomore
David                    Adams                                 Men's Tennis                                                                  Finance                                                                              Senior
Matthew            Burns                                   Men's Tennis                                                                  Exercise Science                                                          Senior
Ricardo                Cardona                             Men's Tennis                                                                  Resource Economics                                                 Senior
Ryan                      Carr                                       Men's Tennis                                                                  Finance                                                                              Junior
Teddy                   Margules                           Men's Tennis                                                                  Sociology                                                                          Junior
Joshua                  Palmer                                Men's Tennis                                                                  Physiology & Neurobiology                                 Sophomore
Jacob                    Spreyer                              Men's Tennis                                                                  Communication Sciences                                      Sophomore
Peter                    Surovic                               Men's Tennis                                                                  Management                                                                 Sophomore
Scott                     Warden                              Men's Tennis                                                                  Finance                                                                              Senior
Phil                        Caldwell                            Men's Track & Field                                                   Accounting                                                                      Freshmen
Jesse                     Chapman                           Men's Track & Field                                                   Exercise Science                                                          Sophomore
Paul                       Desalvo                              Men's Track & Field                                                   Finance                                                                              Sophomore
Shawn                  Henderson                       Men's Track & Field                                                   Undecided                                                                       Freshmen
Adrian                  Ilinski                                   Men's Track & Field                                                   Molecular and Cell Biology                                  Freshmen
Kyle                       Rowbotham                    Men's Track & Field                                                   Mechanical Engineering & German               Senior
Mike                      Roy                                        Men's Track & Field                                                   Management                                                                  Freshmen
Justin                    Siekierski                          Men's Track & Field                                                   Journalism                                                                       Junior
Kevin                    Smith                                   Men's Track & Field                                                   Allied Health Sciences                                            Senior
Sam                        Smith                                   Men's Track & Field                                                   Resource Economics                                                 Sophomore
Zach                       Taylor                                  Men's Track & Field                                                   Economics                                                                        Freshmen
Cody                      Unger                                  Men's Track & Field                                                   Chemical Engineering                                              Junior
Sean                      Walsh                                  Men's Track & Field                                                   Allied Health Sciences                                            Sophomore
Heather              Buck                                     Women's Basketball                                                  Nursing                                                                               Senior
Caroline              Doty                                     Women's Basketball                                                  Social Science of Sport                                           Senior
Kelly                      Faris                                      Women's Basketball                                                  Individualized Major                                                 Junior
Kiah                       Stokes                                 Women's Basketball                                                  Psychology                                                                       Freshmen
Cassondra          Hunter                                Women's Cross Country                                         Allied Health Sciences                                            Junior
Jenanne              Theleen                             Women's Cross Country                                         Psychology                                                                       Senior
Stephanie          Bohannon                         Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Political Science                                                          Senior
Terra                     Briody                                 Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         English                                                                                Sophomore
Allison                  Cooper                               Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Allied Health Sciences                                            Senior
Lindsay                Crevoiserat                      Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Kinesiology                                                                      Sophomore
Meghan               Cunningham                   Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Social Science of Sport                                           Senior
Courtney            Dinnan                                Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Human Development Family Studies           Senior
Stephanie          Ellis                                       Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Nursing                                                                               Junior
Allison                  Lasnicki                              Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Biological Sciences                                                    Junior
Brigitte                Mania                                  Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Allied Health Sciences                                            Senior
Kimberly            Moran                                 Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Communication Sciences                                      Senior
Lauren                 Sara                                       Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Human Development Family Studies           Junior
Christine            Vogel                                   Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Biomedical Engineering                                         Senior
Heather              Wilson                                Women's Cross Country/Track & Field         Exercise Science                                                          Senior
Alicia                     Angelini                             Field Hockey                                                                  Communication Sciences                                      Senior
Jestine                 Angelini                             Field Hockey                                                                  Communication Sciences                                      Senior
Allison                  Angulo                                Field Hockey                                                                  Sociology                                                                          Senior
Victoria               Arthur                                 Field Hockey                                                                  Geography                                                                       Senior
Christyn              Davidson                           Field Hockey                                                                  Communication Sciences                                      Sophomore
Rayell                   Heistand                            Field Hockey                                                                  Allied Health Sciences                                            Senior
Lindsay                Kissinger                            Field Hockey                                                                  Accounting                                                                      Junior
Erin                        Koonz                                  Field Hockey                                                                  Psychology                                                                       Senior
Kimberly            Krzyk                                    Field Hockey                                                                  Psychology                                                                       Senior
Kathryn               Littlejohn                         Field Hockey                                                                  Accounting                                                                      Senior
Jamie                    Schlotterer                      Field Hockey                                                                  Undecided                                                                       Sophomore
Cara                       Silverman                         Field Hockey                                                                  Mathematics                                                                  Senior
Emily                    Anderson                          Women's Lacrosse                                                      Pre Teaching                                                                  Freshmen
Colleen               Deronda                            Women's Lacrosse                                                      English                                                                                Senior
Cat                         Gross                                    Women's Lacrosse                                                      English                                                                                Junior
Chelsea               Hauswirth                         Women's Lacrosse                                                      Exercise Science                                                          Junior
Megan                  Lally                                      Women's Lacrosse                                                      Biological Sciences                                                    Senior
Stephanie          Norton                                Women's Lacrosse                                                      Environmental Engineering                                 Senior
Morgan                O'Reilly                               Women's Lacrosse                                                      English                                                                                Junior
Katherine          Pippit                                  Women's Lacrosse                                                      Economics                                                                        Sophomore
Kenzie                  Rainone                             Women's Lacrosse                                                      Sports Management                                                  Junior
Karaline              Smith                                   Women's Lacrosse                                                      Pre Teaching                                                                  Freshmen
Kelsi                      Tucci                                    Women's Lacrosse                                                      Psychology                                                                       Junior
Kiersten              Tupper                                Women's Lacrosse                                                      Human Development Family Studies           Senior
Ashley                  Van Scyoc                         Women's Lacrosse                                                      Biological Sciences                                                    Freshmen
Siobhan               Wilcox                                Women's Lacrosse                                                      Nursing                                                                               Junior
Tiffany                  Armas                                  Women's Rowing                                                        Allied Health Sciences                                            Junior
Dominika           Bajguz                                  Women's Rowing                                                        Molecular and Cell Biology                                  Sophomore
Adrienne            Barrett                                Women's Rowing                                                        Animal Science                                                             Senior
Deanna                Cabrey                                Women's Rowing                                                        Human Development Family Studies           Senior
Natalie                 Carlone                              Women's Rowing                                                        Human Development Family Studies           Junior
Jessica                 Chames                              Women's Rowing                                                        English                                                                                Senior
Kaitlyn                 Clarke                                  Women's Rowing                                                        Biomedical Engineering                                         Senior
Brittany               Depoi                                  Women's Rowing                                                        Biomedical Engineering                                         Senior
Andriel                Doolittle                           Women's Rowing                                                        Psychology                                                                       Senior
Victoria               Druehl                                Women's Rowing                                                        Kinesiology                                                                      Junior
Diana                    Filipek                                 Women's Rowing                                                        Nursing                                                                               Senior
Mara                      Gauger                                Women's Rowing                                                        Resource Economics                                                 Senior
Mary                      Haggett                              Women's Rowing                                                        Horticulture                                                                   Senior
Nicole                  Henry                                  Women's Rowing                                                        Chemical Engineering                                              Junior
Taylor                   Hoige                                   Women's Rowing                                                        Pharmacy                                                                          Senior
Kathryn               Hughes                               Women's Rowing                                                        Biological Sciences                                                    Sophomore
Charlotte           Kelly                                     Women's Rowing                                                        Allied Health Sciences                                            Junior
Kendra                 Kohanski                            Women's Rowing                                                        Political Science                                                          Junior
Amanda               Litty                                      Women's Rowing                                                        Nutritional Sciences                                                 Sophomore
Elise                       McCormick                      Women's Rowing                                                        Undecided                                                                       Sophomore
Erin                        Mounce                             Women's Rowing                                                        Ecology & Evolutionary Biology                        Junior
Emiko                   Nishino                               Women's Rowing                                                        Biological Sciences                                                    Junior
Jennifer              Panosky                              Women's Rowing                                                        Nursing                                                                               Junior
Kyana                    Powers                               Women's Rowing                                                        Kinesiology                                                                      Sophomore
Brittanie             Reinold                              Women's Rowing                                                        Landscape Architecture                                         Senior
Julia                       Roth                                     Women's Rowing                                                        Allied Health Sciences                                            Junior
Nicole                  Sandusky                           Women's Rowing                                                        Animal Science                                                             Junior
Elizabeth            Sarant                                  Women's Rowing                                                        Psychology                                                                       Junior
Myroslava          Sharaburn                         Women's Rowing                                                        Pharmacy                                                                          Sophomore
Amanda               Sibley                                  Women's Rowing                                                        Communication Sciences                                      Senior
Holly                     Sponza                                Women's Rowing                                                        Undecided                                                                       Sophomore
Teresa                  Starzecki                            Women's Rowing                                                        Physics                                                                                Sophomore
Gretchen           Stern                                    Women's Rowing                                                        Pharmacy                                                                          Senior
Caitlin                  Swallow                             Women's Rowing                                                        Human Development Family Studies           Senior
Elizabeth            Tomasco                            Women's Rowing                                                        Allied Health Sciences                                            Sophomore
Sara                        Trevisani                            Women's Rowing                                                        Physiology & Neurobiology                                 Senior
Haley                    Ullinger                              Women's Rowing                                                        History                                                                                Sophomore
Abigail                  Viner                                    Women's Rowing                                                        Anthropology                                                                 Sophomore
Katie                     Visentin                             Women's Rowing                                                        Individualized Major                                                 Junior
Kimberly            Weber                                Women's Rowing                                                        History & Social Sciences Education             Senior
Ashley                  West                                    Women's Rowing                                                        Pharmacy                                                                          Sophomore
Hillary                  Wiles-Lafayette            Women's Rowing                                                        Ecology & Evolutionary Biology                        Senior
Chelsea               Zabel                                    Women's Rowing                                                        Communication Sciences                                      Junior
Michelle             Baj                                         Women's Soccer                                                          Finance                                                                              Junior
Corinne              Bildstein                            Women's Soccer                                                          Sports Management                                                  Senior
Amanda               Carvalho                            Women's Soccer                                                          Allied Health Sciences                                            Junior
Gabrielle            Charno                                Women's Soccer                                                          Engineering                                                                     Freshmen
Danielle              Dakin                                   Women's Soccer                                                          Exercise Science                                                          Junior
Jessica                 Dulski                                  Women's Soccer                                                          Human Development Family Studies           Senior
Alex                       Garufi                                  Women's Soccer                                                          Human Development Family Studies           Senior
Georgie               Giddings                            Women's Soccer                                                          Sociology                                                                          Junior
Karen                    Gurnon                               Women's Soccer                                                          Psychology                                                                       Junior
Kaichie                Ho                                          Women's Soccer                                                          Chemical Engineering                                              Freshmen
Riley                      Houle                                  Women's Soccer                                                          Allied Health Sciences                                            Sophomore
Julianne             Hubbard                            Women's Soccer                                                          Allied Health                                                                  Junior
Leigh-Ann          Jaggon                                 Women's Soccer                                                          Kinesiology                                                                      Sophomore
Hillary                  Lackman                            Women's Soccer                                                          Psychology                                                                       Junior
Andrea                 Plucenik                            Women's Soccer                                                          Communication Disorders                                    Freshmen
Gianna                 Roma                                   Women's Soccer                                                          Nutritional Sciences                                                 Freshmen
Linda                    Ruutu                                  Women's Soccer                                                          Sociology & Women's Studies                           Junior
Jessica                 Shufelt                                Women's Soccer                                                          Social Science of Sport                                           Senior
Lindsey                Watkins                              Women's Soccer                                                          Undecided                                                                       Freshmen
Courtney            Wilkinson-Maitland   Women's Soccer                                                          Allied Health Sciences                                            Senior
Alison                   Adelman                            Softball                                                                               Marketing                                                                         Senior
Amy                       DeLuca                               Softball                                                                               Sociology                                                                          Senior
Alexandra          Falco                                    Softball                                                                               Mathematics/Actuarial Science                        Sophomore
Marissa                Guches                               Softball                                                                               Human Development Family Studies           Senior
Andrea                 Huelsenbeck                  Softball                                                                               Communication Sciences                                      Junior
Dana                      Hughes                               Softball                                                                               Communication Sciences                                      Senior
Ashley                  Lapenta                              Softball                                                                               Animal Science                                                             Sophomore
Jessica                 McDermott                     Softball                                                                               Animal Science                                                             Senior
Madeline           Schiappa                            Softball                                                                               Management                                                                  Junior
Kimberly            Silva                                      Softball                                                                               Communication Sciences                                      Senior
Victoria               Thomson                           Softball                                                                               Undecided                                                                       Sophomore
Amy                       Vaughan                             Softball                                                                               Political Science                                                          Senior
Jennifer              Ward                                    Softball                                                                               Allied Health Sciences                                            Senior
Alexandra          Aserlind                             Women's Swimming & Diving                            Sociology                                                                          Senior
Nicole                  Borriello                            Women's Swimming & Diving                            Allied Health Sciences                                            Senior
Jordan                  Bowen                                Women's Swimming & Diving                            Social Science of Sport                                           Senior
Danielle              Cecco                                  Women's Swimming & Diving                            Elementary Education                                             Senior
Samantha           Cisneros                             Women's Swimming & Diving                            Allied Health Sciences                                            Senior
Mary                      deMarrais                         Women's Swimming & Diving                            Elementary Education                                             Senior
Erin                        Devinney                          Women's Swimming & Diving                            Nursing                                                                               Senior
Kathryn               Dobler                                Women's Swimming & Diving                            Biomedical Engineering                                         Senior
Kimberly            Fleming                              Women's Swimming & Diving                            Marketing                                                                         Senior
Caitlin                  Gallagher                          Women's Swimming & Diving                            Finance                                                                              Senior
Holly                     Gallagher                          Women's Swimming & Diving                            Finance                                                                              Sophomore
Courtney            Gregorian                         Women's Swimming & Diving                            Nursing                                                                               Junior
Catherine          Kelly                                     Women's Swimming & Diving                            Individualized Major                                                 Senior
Ye                            Ling                                       Women's Swimming & Diving                            Management                                                                  Senior
Kelly                      McCauley                          Women's Swimming & Diving                            Psychology                                                                       Senior
Kaitlyn                 Munzenmaier                Women's Swimming & Diving                            Marketing                                                                         Sophomore
Isabelle               Nat                                        Women's Swimming & Diving                            Art History                                                                       Senior
Catherine          O'Leary                               Women's Swimming & Diving                            Individualized Major                                                 Senior
Chelsea               Peitz                                     Women's Swimming & Diving                            Nutritional Sciences                                                 Senior
Hannah                Perna                                   Women's Swimming & Diving                            Biological Sciences                                                    Sophomore
Julia                       Allen                                    Women's Tennis                                                          Allied Health Sciences                                            Senior
Sarah                     Baker                                   Women's Tennis                                                          Communication Sciences                                      Sophomore
Marie                    Gargiulo                             Women's Tennis                                                          Human Development Family Studies           Junior
Sarah                     Griffin                                  Women's Tennis                                                          Marketing                                                                         Senior
Jennifer              Learmonth                       Women's Tennis                                                          Finance                                                                              Junior
Abigail                  McKeon                             Women's Tennis                                                          Exercise Science                                                          Senior
Lucy                       Nutting                               Women's Tennis                                                          Communication Sciences                                      Junior
Maxene               Weinberg                         Women's Tennis                                                          Biological Sciences                                                    Sophomore
Lauren                 Wilmarth                          Women's Tennis                                                          Animal Science                                                             Senior
Brianna                Allen                                    Women's Track & Field                                           Psychology                                                                       Sophomore
Jessica                 Banning                              Women's Track & Field                                           Nursing                                                                               Junior
Michelle             Bashaw                               Women's Track & Field                                           Elementary Education                                             Senior
Ilva                         Bikanova                            Women's Track & Field                                           Physiology & Neurobiology                                 Senior
Allison                  Cooper                               Women's Track & Field                                           Allied Health Sciences                                            Senior
Jasmine               Cribb                                    Women's Track & Field                                           Individualized Major                                                 Junior
Tiffany                  Daley                                   Women's Track & Field                                           Mathematics/Actuarial Science                        Junior
Kewanna            Donaldson                        Women's Track & Field                                           Individualized Major                                                 Senior
Victoria               Flowers                              Women's Track & Field                                           Human Development Family Studies           Senior
Ana                         Groff                                     Women's Track & Field                                           Biomedical Engineering                                         Senior
Danika                  Ham                                      Women's Track & Field                                           Human Development Family Studies           Senior
Nyanka                 Joseph                                Women's Track & Field                                           Allied Health Sciences                                            Sophomore
Natasha               McLaren                            Women's Track & Field                                           Undecided                                                                       Sophomore
Chantal                Scott                                    Women's Track & Field                                           Allied Health Sciences                                            Junior
Colby                    Billhardt                            Women's Volleyball                                                  Communication Sciences                                      Sophomore
Amy                       Christensen                     Women's Volleyball                                                  Pre Teaching                                                                  Freshmen
Brianna                Datti                                     Women's Volleyball                                                  Environmental Engineering                                 Freshmen
Sage                       Esposito                             Women's Volleyball                                                  Communication Sciences                                      Freshmen
Jordan                  Kirk                                       Women's Volleyball                                                  Finance                                                                              Senior
Kelsey                  Maving                                Women's Volleyball                                                  Biological Sciences                                                    Junior
Angela                  Roidt                                    Women's Volleyball                                                  Communication Sciences                                      Junior
Jacqueline        Wattles                              Women's Volleyball                                                  Journalism                                                                       Junior

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