Friday, December 14, 2012

Andre Drummond: 'Newtown's Not Far from Where I Grew Up ... My Heart Goes Out to Them"

I don't know exactly how to go about my job right now, writing about trivial things like conference realignment and Catholic school revolts and UConn's athletics future and sports in general. I really don't care much about all that right now, and I'm sure most of you don't either.

The unspeakable tragedy at Sandy Hook School on Friday puts things in heart-wrenching perspective. Your family is the most important thing in the world (I'll leave religion out of this), and everything else is a distant second. The senseless killing of these innocent children (and the adults at the school) has left a sick feeling in my stomach and has really hit me hard.

My daughter is a first-grader at an elementary school about 45 minutes from Newtown. Yesterday morning, I had to bring in her Daisy Scouts smock, which she had forgotten at home, to the front office. I went to the main entrance and hit a buzzer. Almost immediately, I heard a click. The door was unlocked, and I was able to walk right in, no questions asked.

Fortunately, I was a father just dropping off his daughter's Daisy Scouts smock (a reminder of how innocent these beautiful children are). I could have been anyone, with anything in my hands. Kinda scary.

I learned of the deaths of the children in Newtown while on a train to NYC to catch up with Andre Drummond, who's in town with his Pistons to take on the Nets. I wanted to get off at the first stop and pick up my daughter at her school. But I knew that wasn't necessary; my father-in-law was already slated to pick her up, and everything would be fine. And, I had a job to do.

Maybe you care about how Drummond's doing as a rookie right now, maybe you don't. I'm fine either way. Who knows when it's appropriate to start talking sports again? Even ESPN has barred its reporters from tweeting anything sports-related until Sunday at noon (gee, wouldn't want to ban tweets during NFL games. Hey, that's real important).

Anyway, here's my story and video on Drummond -- who is having a very nice rookie season, and was genuinely saddened by the Newtown tragedy:



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