Thursday, October 11, 2012

DeAndre Daniels Wins Husky Run

DeAndre Daniels was the first finisher among UConn players (and second overall) in the annual Husky Run on Thursday. His time of 18:47 was 45 seconds better than last year's winning time of 19:32. The faster run took its toll on him, too, as he dropped to the ground in exhaustion after finishing the race and lay prone on the ground for several minutes.

"I'm a little dizzy," he said later. "I wanted to come out and win it again, because everybody was talking trash ... I was just pacing myself, but as I came down the hill, I started cramping upand I got a little dizzy. At the end, I passed out and laid on the ground for a second. But I'm fine now."

Here are the results from this year's 3.4-mile race:

1. DeAndre Daniels, 18:47
2. Ryan Boatright, 19:37
3. Niels Giffey, 20:18
4. Leon Tolksdorf, 20:20
5. Brendan Allen, 20:48
6. Omar Calhoun, 22:27
7. Tyler Olander, 22:28
8. Phil Nolan, 23:35
9. Enosch Wolf, 23:47
10. R.J. Evans, 25:02
11. Shabazz Napier, DNP (injury)

UConn senior Tim Isselee was the overall winner, with a time of 18:39.

Here's what Daniels said about the upcoming season:

"I felt like ever since Kevin Ollie has taken over, our bond has gotten so much better. Everybody's working so much harder. We're going to have a great season."

"From last year, I learned about basketball, and about myself, what I've got to do, to sacrifice. Working hard every day over the summer, preparing for this moment, I'm ready."

Daniels spent part of the summer working out with his cousin down in Orlando. He also noted that his sister, who had brain surgery last winter, is "perfectly fine" now and, in fact, is a freshman at UConn's Hartford campus, where she's on academic scholarship.

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