Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jim Calhoun Sounds Like He's Nearing Retirement

Just when you think maybe Jim Calhoun will stick around for another year or two, he goes and says this.

Interesting stuff from, in which Calhoun admits: “I was on a recruiting trip to Washington and as I was going around and talking to people and doing things, I said to myself, this could be the last recruiting trip I ever take. I know I have plenty of things I want to do. I have plans. I'm just going to go with how I feel. I will know.”

He added that he's waffled on his decision on whether or not to return for months, but admits: “I would be very, very surprised if I didn’t have something to say within the next two weeks.”

"Depends on how I feel sometimes, but I'm very close to knowing," he continues. "I'm just going to wake up one morning and I will know what is the right thing to do. I always said it I ever come here and say, 'Jeez I'm not sure, I will know it's time.''



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