Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Geno Likes Memphis, Now Wants Temple

Covered the UConn women's game tonight in Louisville. Huskies didn't play very well in the second half (sound familiar?) but hung for a 56-46 win after having led by as much as 21.

Afterwards, I asked Geno Auriemma about the news that Memphis would be added to the Big East in all sports starting in 2013.

"I don't know much about Memphis's football program, but from a purely basketball standpoint, I think we're doing a great thing," he said. "All the talk the last couple of months and years has been about the football thing, the football thing, the football thing … We’re adding a team that’s as much about basketball more than it is a football move. It strengthens an already strong conference.”

But Auriemma wasn't done. The Philly native wants one more addition to the conference.

“I hope Temple's next," he said. "That's my unsolicited opinion. I've always been partial to them. They have a great program. Their football program’s great, from where they were. I hope were not done, and that’s the next school we add."

That jibes with the thinking of his fellow paesan, Rick Pitino, who has been campaigning for the inclusion of both Memphis and Temple for the past several months. But Auriemma said he hasn't talked to Pitino about the issue.

"I don't have access to Rick Pitino, Inc.," he joked. "I've got a better chance of reaching Obama than Rick."

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