Sunday, January 29, 2012

Susan Herbst on Boatright Situation

UConn president Susan Herbst issued the following statement regarding the Ryan Boatright situation:

"We are pleased that Ryan is now eligible to play basketball, and thank his family, friends, fellow students, faculty, coaches and everyone who has supported him and the university over the last several months.

This young man has shown tremendous patience and poise all the while in the national spotlight. This is a strength of character that is seldom demanded of college freshmen and I am extraordinarily proud of him, our team and our coaching staff.

As far as the process that took place over the last few months, the University does have ideas about how it might be improved and we would like continue this dialogue."

Interesting stuff.

We're also hearing that the Boatright's lawyer, Scott Tompsett, may be planning some sort of lawsuit against the NCAA.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The president of the state university covers for an basketball player who took over eight thousand dollars in violation of the rules, and she still keeps her job. Well, first things first, I guess.

January 29, 2012 at 4:20 PM 

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