Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kemba's Mom in the House

Kemba Walker's mom, Andrea, is at Gampel tonight, sporting here UConn, No. 15 jersey. Maybe that's not entirely surprising, as she's from New York (though now lives in Charlotte with Kemba).

"I'm a UConn fan for life!" she said.

What was more surprising was seeing Andrea at the Notre Dame game in South Bend on Saturday -- even though Kemba's Bobcats were hosting Golden State that night.

No fear -- Andrea flew out of South Bend after the 11 a.m. game and made it to Charlotte to cheer on her son, who she says is doing well and enjoying NBA life.

Perhaps we'll be able to ask him about it later -- Kemba is expected to be at tonight's game, as well.


*** Nothing new on Ryan Boatright to this point, though his Tweet about an hour ago was interesting: Lets get this W tonight Fellas. I hope i get dis leash of my neck soon and be back down. #FreeBoat

Both Boatright and Enosch Wolf are in civvies on the bench right now.

*** There are nine NBA scouts/GM's credentialed for tonight's game, including Danny Ferry of the Cavs.

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