Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Woodward Homeward Bound (Sort Of)

Maine, UConn's opponent tomorrow night, is coached by Ted Woodward, an assistant at UConn for Calhoun's first three seasons (1986-89).

Here's what Calhoun had to say about Woodward on Wednesday:

"Ted Woodward was a great guy to have on staff and was a part of things here when we started it going in the right direction. He has done a really good job at a very tough place and I know his team will come down here and give us a handful. It is not at all the same UConn that it was when Ted was here, but it is because of the hard work by guys like him and Glen Miller in those days that helped to lay the groundwork for the type of program we are today."

Of course, that differs a bit from this funny story Calhoun told us four years ago, prior to UConn's Dec. 22, 2007 bout with Maine. Surely, that's not something he'd be repeating in these days of heightened NCAA compliance.

Anyway, worth noting that Calhoun is 14-0 all-time against his former assistants, including 2-0 vs. Woodward.

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