Monday, August 8, 2011

'Decision' for Drummond Approaching Soon

Andre Drummond says he will announce a decision on his future on Wednesday. What this means is open to plenty of speculation over the next couple of days, but one person who will be as surprised as everybody else about Drummond's decision will be Jere Quinn, his coach at St. Thomas More the past two seasons.

"I haven't talked with them in a month," Quinn said of Drummond and his family. "We've had two good years of Andre and we'd love to have him back for a third, but I have no idea ... If I had more information, I'd tell you."

It's silly to engage in a guessing game right now, though Drummond basically has three options: return to St. Thomas More (which would seem unlikely, given his lack of contact with Quinn), transfer to another prep school, play overseas or enroll in college. He will be eligible for the 2012 NBA draft.

Only thing I know is that UConn's scholarship allotment is full at 10, and Jim Calhoun told me a short while ago that he doesn't envision any roster changes moving forward.

Stay tuned ...

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