Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Bit of Recruiting Info

If there's one thing e-mailers have been asking me for more than anything else over the past month or so it's been recruiting updates.

Fact is, there aren't a whole lot to give right now, though I try my best in this story in the Register. Bottom line: UConn appears to be working under the assumption that it's got just one scholarship to give, and the Huskies need to make sure it's utilized well. The Huskies have been paying particular attention to some players who have recently de-committed from other programs.

As for Andre Drummond? Wouldn't count on it. I spoke to his coach at St. Thomas More, Jere Quinn, earlier today and he said that Drummond is absolutely returning next year for another year of prep school. Led by the efforts of Kevin Ollie, UConn may still be holding out hope for a change of mind from Drummond, but knows it's highly unlikely. Of course, he'll still top the Huskies' 2012 wish list.

(By the way, Quinn seems to think Drummond wouldn't be eligible for the 2012 NBA draft, since he'll still be 18. However, my understanding is that as long as Drummond turns 19 during the year of the draft -- which he will -- he'd be eligible. Either way, the point may be moot: Drummond's mother wants her son to go to college, according to Quinn).

UConn is very, very interested in a pair of current Tilton (N.H.) School products: Nerlens Noel, a 6-10 Class of 2013 center, and Wayne Selden, a 6-4 Class of '14 guard.

Oh, and as to Huskies' past: Jamal Coombs-McDaniel has some suitors in Hofstra, Miami and Missouri, I'm told. Hofstra seems to be making the biggest push, though it's still very early. And Missouri would appear to be a long-shot.

An even longer shot (as in not happening)? Boston College, or any Boston-area school, for that matter.

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