Sunday, April 3, 2011

Kemba's Staying! (Late April Fool's Joke?)

Jim Calhoun had a smirk on his face when he interrupted his own thought and said the following at Sunday's press conference:

"(Kemba) already told me the other night he's staying, which is really good to hear. I'm really happy to say that. I'm holding him to it, by the way."

Calhoun smiled. Walker smiled, then whispered something to Alex Oriakhi, seated next to him.

It was a joke, people. Take absolutely no credence in what Calhoun said. Not happening. Don't even let what Walker said later at his own press conference fool you.

Before that, he said: “I think if I’m in the right situation, I have to take my chances.”

That's what's going to happen. Walker is going pro, no doubt about it. His teammates all know it, and have essentially said it. Kemba hasn't come out and said it, he's saying all the right things right now. But he will be on an NBA roster next year.

Lockout, you say? Well, Walker would have to declare for the draft before any potential NBA lockout is in place, so I don't see how that would necessarily affect his decision.

Enjoy him while you have him, Husky fans. For one more game. And what a game it will be.

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