Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He Can't, Can't, Can't Stand Losin'

My story in today's Register points out Jim Calhoun's absolute hatred of losing, how it rubs off on his players (usually) and often wills his team to victories, and asks if there is another sports figure who hates losing more than him.

Is there? I'm not sure. Tiger Woods comes to mind. He was as petulant as anyone when he didn't win a tournament, often blowing off the media or throwing his clubs around. Now, however, he's almost become a clown. Spitting on the green? Really?

Bob Knight? Ever hear that secretely taped, volcanic rant he gave to one of his Indiana teams about how was sick and tired of having to lose to Purdue? If you listen to it, it kinda proves it was really all about him.

Michael Jordan? Didn't have much practice losing (6-0 in NBA finals). Derek Jeter, Tom Brady -- they're in the running. But I'd argue none takes losing any worse than Calhoun.



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