Saturday, October 16, 2010

Practice Video

Ever wonder what it's like watching a UConn basketball practice? Well, here's a small sampling.

Here, freshman Niels Giffey gets a somewhat rude introduction to the Huskies' rebounding/box-out drill. Giffey struggles a bit against bigger players like Alex Oriakhi and Tyler Olander. It's an exhausting drill; players must box out and nab a certain amount of rebounds. Until they reach that number, they must stay in and continue to box out and fight for boards. Quite an eye-opener for freshmen like Giffey.

One interesting thing to note here: at the end, when Giffey and Olander both fall to the ground, the entire team rushes to help them up. I noticed this a few times during practice today. Speaks a bit about the team's cohesiveness.

And here's Jim Calhoun, addressing the media after practice:

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