Friday, February 5, 2010

Scissors & Sticks

Big news at Gampel today. As we walked into the gym to catch the last portion of practice, there he was. He wasn't too recognizable at first, but after a moment, we realized who it was.

Stanley Robinson. With a brand-new haircut.

The corn rows are gone, people, replaced by a closely cropped head of hair.

"I just wanted a more professional look," Robinson explained. "I think it looks better on me."

Does it make the high-flying Sticks even more aerodynamic?

"Yeah, a little bit," he said.

Sticks said he got the haircut three days ago -- and it had nothing to do with losing a bet or anything of the sort.

"No, not at all. I just felt like it was time for me to cut it off."

George Blaney said he wanted Stanley to get a haircut "as a sophomore. Everybody learns at their own pace."

Apparently, a season-ticket holder who was watching the earlier part of practice was equally befuddled, asking Blaney, "Who's that guy down there?"

"He did not recognize him," Blaney reported. "I told him it was Stanley, and he said, 'No, no, you're kidding me.'"

So, that qualifies as the big news of the day in Storrs. Otherwise, the Huskies realize they can't overlook an improved DePaul team tomorrow night. They know they've got to cut down on their turnovers, and they've had some "pretty great" practices lately, according to Sticks.

Oh, and this from Sticks on Jim Calhoun's potential return:

"I'm thinking next week," Robinson said. "I'm thinking Syracuse. I've just got that feeling. I'm going to call him tonight, see how he's doing, check up on him and hopefully everything's OK."

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