Monday, August 29, 2016

Some key upcoming dates for UConn as season approaches

It's that time of year again. Almost.

Students are back in classes at UConn, which means the men's basketball team is present and accounted for on campus. They had a team meeting Sunday night.

Before you know it, college hoops season will be upon us. Teams can start practices six weeks before their first regular-season game, which means UConn (and many other schools) can officially begin on Friday, Sept. 30.

That doesn't mean they will, of course. Teams get 30 practices in those 42 days before the first game, so they're usually spread out. Kevin Ollie didn't begin practice on the first possible day last year, but rather the next one.

The Husky Run will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 28. UConn's First Night festivities will be held on Friday, Oct. 14.

By that time, the Huskies may have a few Class of 2017 commits wrapped up. UConn seems to be in a good place with Makai Ashton-Langford, who has moved up his official visit a week to Sept. 2-4. Fellow point guard Paul Scruggs visited Storrs this past weekend, as did big man Josh Carlton.

UConn is looking to corral at least one of a trio of Ashton-Langford, Scruggs and New Haven's Tremont Waters. Of course, the Huskies would be happy with more than one of the three, but it would seem unlikely more than one would commit with Jalen Adams, Alterique Gilbert and Christian Vital most likely all back next season. The Huskies are stressing that Kevin Ollie's offense involves multiple ballhandlers, a "position-less" offense, if you will, so any incoming recruit could still see plenty of minutes playing alongside Adams or Gilbert or whoever.

As for Hartford's Pancake Thomas, who left the school last week and will be a grad transfer at whatever school he ends up at, UConn never really gauged the situation and it appears Thomas will land elsewhere.

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